Chairman's Message

Dear Friends,

'You have to dream before your dreams come true – Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam'.

Indian healthcare has always been plagued by two most unnerving factors – accessibility and affordability. The disheartening fact is that tough most population are concentrated in the rural areas, Indian hospitals are mostly available around metropolitan cities. The healthcare infrastructure is so fragmented that rural villages do not even get the primary medical services. And it is also a disturbing fact that even the available medical services are unaffordable for a common man. The medical insurance services cover only a smaller portion of the population which leaves the majority's health at stake. Balancing these two have always been a challenge for hospitals and most have failed in the process.

Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre's (MMHRC) is one of the first in the industry to crack this balance and master the model of providing 'world-class healthcare at affordable rates'. This model is so simple but yet difficult to emulate. MMHRC has always been a pioneer and has served as a role model for the healthcare industry. Overcoming many obstacles over the years, we have yet proved that 'affordable healthcare' is not a distant dream but a profound reality.

This year marked several milestones in the history of the hospital. Like always, MMHRC has always extended its comforting hand to the people in pain and we did just that during the Nepal earthquake by sending a special medical team comprising of doctors and paramedics to help the victims. We also extended our support to the victims of the Chennai floods through supplies and medical aid.

We also have strengthened some of our departments through the acquisition of some advanced equipments like the Neuro Navigation Machine, 3D Laproscopy Machine and Mammography Machine. We have also announced the inauguration of a dedicated Breast Cancer Clinic to help women fight breast cancer. We were also part of some reputed events like the INDO-US Conference and National Symposium on Emergency Medicine 2016. This year, on a personal note, I was privileged to be bestowed upon with the 'Life Time Achievement Award' by the University of IOWA, USA for the charitable work.

The year 2015-16 has been one more year of compassion, commitment and courage for MMHRC and I take pride in leading this strong team of doctors, nurses, paramedics and support staff. Our steadfast approach to reach out to the most unaffordable patients and offer him the most advanced medical treatment will always continue and MMHRC shall strive to become the beacon of light for all such people.