Our Projects

S.R.Trust is so keen in providing multi-facet services to the society by tieing up with the projects of Indian state and central government, national and international foundations:

Direct Relief International(DRI), USA regularly supports us through medical supplies and equipments to serve the needy persons. DRI extended its support towards successful implementation of telemedicine project.

Americares India, Mumbai a disaster relief and humanitarian organization supports us since 7 years.

Hospice care provides human and compassionate care inclusive of medical, psychological and spiritual support for people in the last phases of incurable diseases. So that they may live as comfortable as possible. This care not only assists terminally ill patients to die peacefully but also to make them live peacefully until the patients die.

Hospice care focuses on bringing comfort, self respect, and tranquility to the dying patient. Patient’s symptoms and pain are controlled to help reach these goals. However the focus is providing care not curing because Hospice care is used when one can no longer be helped by curative treatment.

Our hospital in collaboration with Lions club international – USA, Lions Club Madurai District and Lions Club Madurai Vaigai is establishing a hospice centre for poor patients who need end of life care. The hospice centre would be 25 bedded with comprehensive facility of modern hospice care.

Gnanambal Palliative care centre started with the aim of providing the best quality of life for individuals, many of whom will be approaching death, and to offer comfort and support to their families and careers as well.

Corrective cleft lip /palate surgeries for the poor…Our hospital established an exclusive Smile Train Centre for cleft lip/palate centre by the grant assistance of Smile Train, USA.

Blindness Control Program for children in collaboration with the Vitamin Angels Alliance, USA to wipe out Vitamin A deficiency among children.


In India, despite several advancements made in the medical field, the benefits are still available to the priviledged few residing mainly in the Urban areas. It is a known that 75% of the qualified doctors practice in Urban Centres, whereas the vast majority of the India’s population live in the rural areas.

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information Technologies in order to provide clinical health care at a distance. It helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to medical services, that would often not be available in distant rural communities.

These technologies permit communications between patient and medical staff with both convenience and fidelity as well as the transmission of medical, imaging and health information data from one site to another.

Telemedicine can be extremely beneficial for people living in isolated communities and remote regions. Patients who live in such areas can be seen by a doctor or specialist, who can provide an accurate and complete examination, while the patient may not have to travel.

Telemedicine technology critically bridge the distance by all health care professionals using information and communication technologies for the exchange of valid health information for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and injuries, research and evaluation, and for the continuing education of health care providers, all in the interests of advancing the health of individuals and their communities.

Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research centre in Madurai, extends its helping hands by establishing Meenakshi Tele Care Centre in rural remote areas. So far Meenakshi Mission Hospital has established 6 centres in and around southern Tamil Nadu and also Tele consultation services for Davanekare District - Karnataka.

Meenakshi Mission Hospital has plans to start 500 more Telemedicine centres throughout Tamil Nadu in the coming years. Creche and Play school by The District Social Welfare Board, which caters to the needs of children from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, aged from 4 months to 3 years. The Creche aims to provide an environment for children which is safe, happy, loving and stimulating… More than 40 children are enrolled.

Working Women’s Hostel aims to provide young women not only with reasonably priced housing but also opportunities for growth, making them self confident at the same time sensitive and responsible to other women.

Conducting HIV diagnostic tests. Providing basic information on the modes of HIV transmission and promoting behavioural change to reduce vulnerability. Link people with other HIV prevention, care and treatment services.

Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP): Our hospital has been enrolled as an NGO/Private Provider in our district for the performance of designated microscope centre scheme in accordance with the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program policy.

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Hospice Care
Students from WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY South Indian Team Abroad

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